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 Use and maintenance of wooden furniture

Today tend to choose items made of wood to decorate family is popular and interest. On the market there are many diverse product models, is designed in many versatile styles for different housing areas. Need to select the supplies of wood of suitable size with an area of ​​the house.
Furniture itself has own style, which can decorate anywhere in your home but requires the employer to inform the choice, placement to suit the space and architecture. Things like vanities, kitchen cabinets, table and lounge chair, bed, bookshelf ... help you enjoy your own space or decorate the office as well as exuding luxurious and "style".
The original items are usually made of wood such as pine, rubber, rider, training oval ... or MDF. Do not choose those items too large for a small area, or the furniture acres in a very large space makes the room cold, monotonous.
Preferred for furniture and colorful style, convenient for use and important needs they are very durable. However, it also depends on your usage and storage. Just beautiful furniture to keep the look clean and shiny.
Some expert advice when using furniture and storage:
- Avoid placing wood in direct sunlight or place where the temperature is constantly changing. Avoid wood soak for too long.
- When a spill stains on wood surfaces should be wiped immediately with absorbent paper.
- Do not get scratched wooden surface. Be careful when moving, as to the objects on the surface of wood, Statistics lining the wood surface to write.
- If water is clean, spray water on the surface of the wood but not too much (water will soon surface damage), wipe in a circular motion.
- When cleaning use a spray furniture polish exclusively used at least 1-2 times / week for wood surface protection layer. Should be cleaned with regular varnish for wood for increased protection, creating a surface that is always new, it is not dusty, scratch-resistant.
- The following is information about the price of a couple of wooden furniture items are available for sale on the market for your reference.


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